Free & Confidential: Stop by and Stay Safe

Stay safe has taken on a new meaning these days. Staying safe from COVID-19 means being double vigilant when considering your sexual health.

We are currently working on creative ways to offer some of our programs and services online. This isn’t Star Trek though, some things—like safer-sex supplies—still require you to stop by the centre or call arrange for a drop-off when possible.

Here’s some of what we have on the go:

  • Virtual Sexual Health Matters Program. This will be offered to students using Zoom or Microsoft Teams to discuss Sexual Health.

We continue to offer the following confidential and free services during our regular hours by appointment or by chance:

  • Safer-sex supplies (E.g. condoms, lube, dams). We provide free condoms and barrier protection at locations throughout Cumberland County and at our centre. Please contact us for locations or if you are interested in providing safer sex supplies to our community to reduce pregnancies and STI rates.
  • Pregnancy testing We provide free, confidential pregnancy testing, guidance, and support.
  • Guidance and support We support you in making your own decisions about sexual health. We do not provide counseling. We offer education on healthy sexuality and provide information on local services that help support your well-being.
  • Resources related to sexual health We have credible sexual health resources to educate and encourage people to understand that Sexual Health Matters. Our resource center and library hold a range of magazines, books, and resources pertaining to sexual health and sexuality.

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