Sexual Health Matters

The Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County offers a variety of services for youth, parents, seniors, community partners, and schools.

Our services

FREE Safer-sex supplies

We provide free condoms and barrier protection throughout Cumberland County and at our centre. Please contact us for locations or if you are interested in providing safer sex supplies in your community.

FREE Pregnancy Self-testing Kits

We provide free, confidential pregnancy self-testing kits, guidance, and support. As a pro-choice organization, we aim to empower informed decisions around options for pregnancies.

Free HIV Self-testing Kits

We provide free, confidential HIV self-testing kits, which give a rapid result within minutes of completing.

Transformation Closet Access

We can help provide you access to the Transformation Closet, a program which provides FREE Gender Affirming Gear to those in need across Nova Scotia.

classroom presentations

We engage with classroom presentations for youth of all ages, on a variety of topics. These include, but are not limited to: puberty, consent, gender identity, sexuality, safer sex practices, and healthy relationships and boundaries.

Community Workshops

We offer workshops to community partners on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, puberty, consent, gender identity, sexuality, safer sex practices, healthy relationships and boundaries, and menopause.

supportive guidance

We support you in making your own decisions about your sexual health and identity. We offer guidance and education on healthy sexuality and provide information on local services that help support your well-being. We are available to help you navigate our healthcare system (including Virtual Care) and our community resources.

summer programs

The Girl's World and GSA Day-Camp programs are launched every summer, providing youth an opportunity to build friendships, strengthen their sense of self-esteem and worth, and to learn about important topics relating to their health and wellbeing. Watch our social media for registration calls and sponsorship opportunities!