The Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County is a registered charity, here to meet all community members’ sexual health needs for FREE, as we believe everyomes Sexual Health Matters.

We offer the following services for FREE:
  • Safer Sex Supplies (Condoms, Lube, Dams)
  • Pregnancy Self-Testing Kits and Support
  • HIV Self-Testing Kits
  • Access to the Transformation Closet (Gender Affirming Gear)
  • Individual Guidance and Support
  • Sexual Health Resources (Parent Resources, etc)
  • Classroom Presentations and Community Workshops
  • Programs (S.A.F.E. Space and Summer Camps)

Our mission is to promote informed and health attitudes towards sexual health while working to reduce stigmas associated with Sexual Health in Cumberland County

YES! Our organization believes in respecting human rights, including the right to privacy. We aim to respect the confidential needs of our clients at all times. 

Phone: 902-667-7500
Messenger: Facebook or Instagram

We have FREE HIV self-testing kits available at the Centre. Although we do not do on-site testing, we can offer guidance and support with navigating existing healthcare resources, including support through Virtual Care.