Sexual Health Matters

Your donation helps provide important, reliable information on consent and how to stay safe and healthy

why us?

Sexual Health Matters

Your donation goes to work in our community and around the world providing trusted and reliable support, education, and resources.

Support & Guidance

While we are not a healthcare facility, we direct clients to available community programs and services.

Education & Outreach

We teach folks about consent, healthy relationships, and safe sex. We're in classrooms across the county, in the community and online around the globe.

Health & Wellbeing

By informing and encouraging routine sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and safer practices, we help reduce the transmission of STIs.

The Power of a Recurring Gift

Regular, recurring contributions help provide stability and planning capacity. Our Monthly giving program aims to cover our monthly operating expenses

about thirty Free Condoms

A $10 monthly donation allows us to buy about 30 condoms which we can distribute free of charge throughout the county.

Two Free Pregnancy Tests

A $25 monthly donation roughly covers the cost of two pregnancy tests and the guidance and support that we provide along with them.

One Month of high-speed internet

A $75 monthly donation is like covering our internet bill allowing us to do online outreach, fundraising, and working with other organizations.

*donations support all of our work, recurring donation levels are meant to demonstrate the value of your contribution in practical terms.

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