healing not linear

Healing is Not Linear

Healing is not a linear process.

We often think of healing and making progress is a step-by-step path or a straight line of unhealed to healed. The work that we put in towards our mental health is an ongoing progress. New stressors and obstacles will happen throughout our lives. Things can happen that can be triggering and cause wounds to re-open. Sometimes we fall back on old habits or patterns which can cause us to feel like we are back at the beginning, even if you have been putting in the work. When life gets hard and we become overwhelmed it is easy to fall back on what we have known for so long, instead of the new tools and new coping strategies we have learned. However, this does not set the clock to zero or discount the progress you have made.

Everyone’s healing looks differently, so it is important to not compare ourselves to others. Our healing is as different as our experiences and as unique as we are as individuals. It is easy to get hung up on negative thoughts and think of what we “should” have done. You have shown yourself that you can do it, so you can do it again!  You could have been in an environment where you didn’t have the support you needed to manage things in the ways that support you, your goals, and your mental health. Acknowledge that life is full of both good and bad days. Try to be kind to yourself, show compassion, and be gentle towards healing. Remember, healing doesn’t happen in a linear or straight line. Healing is more of a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ process. That does not mean that you are back to square one or that the work you put in has been for nothing. Try to look back on where you started, you’ll realize how far you’ve come in your healing journey.

We are here to support you in your mental health, healing journey, and overall wellbeing.

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-Cassie Cole, RSW


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