March Break Camp Details

It Matters Media Youth Program

The Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County (SHCCC) champions positive sexual health throughout the lifespan through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships and individual guidance and referral. Our programs and services embrace an inclusive, sex positive, pro-choice anti-oppressive and trauma informed approach. Our mission is to promote informed, healthy, and responsible attitudes towards sexual health and sexuality throughout the human life cycle, thus improving the quality of life. In 2019, we successfully hosted our first year of It Matters Media!

What is It Matters Media? 

It Matters media leverages technology to provide comprehensive sexual health information and is being offered online this year for the youth members in Cumberland County!!

Who is this program for?
This program is intended for youth members of Cumberland County between the ages of 11-14 but we will not turn any participants away within a reasonable range of these ages.

What did this program consist of?

  • Build a Muppet inspired Puppet
  • Play Games
  • Develop Stories
  • Create Set Designs
  • Learn Puppetry Techniques
  • Develop Camera Skills

How do you learn more about our programs? 
Please feel free to contact the centre at any time to see what programs we are working on! The centre can be reached by phone: (902)-667-7500, or email:, or by dropping  to the center located at 82 Church Street, Amherst N.S.

Why does the Sexual Health Centre have summer camps?

The Sexual Health Centre hosts summer programs to remind individuals in our county that sexual health is a very wide range subject. Sexual health is so much more than the act of sex itself; it has a great deal to do with our identity, self-esteem and other relationships (not always intimate). The range of topics that youth will be exploring will be age and developmentally appropriate. These programs are designed to be educational, yet fun.

It Matters Media is largely needed because we are in the time of media being a huge influence of youths’ identity, and youth often rely on the media and search the internet to help them figure out their identity. Not only does the internet have questionable resources at times, there is also cyberbullying that can impact one’s identity and self esteem. Youth need help more than ever to discover their identity and what it means to truly be themselves, in a fun and meaningful way.



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